Tv: The Walking Dead (6×01-6×16/ Season 6 complete)

thewalkingseason6Tv-show: The Walking Dead

Episode(s): 6×01-6×16 / Season 6 complete

Amount: Around 200 caps for each episode

Size: 1920×1080

Format: JPG

Sample caps:

Download rar-file:

6x01 First time again (111)

6x02 JSS (101)

6x03 Thank you (98)

6x04 Here\'s not here (103)

6x05 Now (104)

6x06 Always accountable (100)

6x07 Heads up (98)

6x08 Start to finish (97)

6x09 No way out (102)

6x10 The Next world (109)

6x11 Knots untie (97)

6x12 Not tomorrow yet (99)

6x13 The same boat (106)

6x14 Twice as far (102)

6x15 East (106)

6x16 Last day of earth (109)




Previous seasons:

Season 1

Season 2 here and here and here

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


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